Entanglements is a music blog, journalling the erotic musical voyages of danish-swedish mutt Malte Max-Hillerœd, living in Copenhagen. A music blog, yes: about music, but also the things music is about.

How to follow this music blog

Facebook way: Join the Entanglements page on facebook (haters are welcome too!), and I will beep everytime I have new sounds for you.

Old-school way: simply bookmark the front page, and then check in now and then.

RSS way: get a program called an RSS reader, then feed it with this address, or just click the RSS icon near the address bar on the front page that looks like emitting radio waves, and you will get updated every time something happens here.

A manifesto for writing things that matter without having a clue

Lookey here for my silly thoughts

Sharing is caring (legal note)
MP3s posted on this site is part of an exhibition of the music I find great, and for sampling purposes only. If you like what you hear, go support the artists. Remember that we are building a new economy here, so let’s do it well! If you are the artist/producer/whatever of a track that is available on the blog, and want to have the track taken down, please email me and I will be happy to oblige. The same goes for the pictures.

This is not me


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