Guilty Pleasures (Part II: Organs)

February 20, 2010 § Leave a comment


Part II: Organs. Meh, I promised I wouldn’t feel guiltary about my guilty pleasures. So here you have some exclamation marks following hyperbolic word porn: Organanza! Organismic Orgy! Orgasn! Organotherapeutic organons!

Ken Griffin – Wunderbar

Lester Lanin – Organ Twist

Snake & Jet’s Amazing Bullet Band – Wicky


Guilty Pleasures (Semi-cheesy piano ballads)

December 9, 2009 § Leave a comment



This is the first post in a serie set out to explore the hidden-away listening practices that make us lock the door to make sure we are alone, feel ambivalent when asked about our opinion, and ashamed when caught in the act. All hand-picked from my own musical closet. For your guilty pleasure.

Piano ballads. How come so many of us listen to them, and yet still do not speak about our affections toward them. It might be because most of them seem a bit too cheesy and overly emotional. Fuck that. Here’s my self-therapeutic way of coming out the closet: “Yes! I listen to and indulge in piano ballads, often.”

First one, definately cheesy, all down to the recurring “This song is for you”-theme, the soulful melisma in the gaps, and the heartfelt “yooooouuuuuu” in the end. But, how do I feel cared for. Really, those singing mothers gives me goosebumps and I can listen to this all evening (when I’m alone).

Q-Tip – Caring [myspace]

Tom Waits, everyone’s favourite bar ballad singer. Listen to the weeping violins! I want to cry. They break my heart, and I’m not embarrassed about it (… maybe these blog posts should just be on feeling guilty and content at the same time, because this is exactly how I feel about this)

Tom Waits – Tom Traubert’s Blues (Four Sheets to the Wind in Copenhagen) [website]

Norwegian pianist Bugge Wesseltoft plays the nordic folk jazz tradition very well. Is this even a ballad? Whatever. I get equally sentimental by listening to this and feel equally cared for, so we will have this track on this list. It’s also a tradition that I like very much.

Bugge Wesseltoft – In Dulce Jubilo [myspace]

Now it’s your turn, listener and reader hiding behind your screen. Come out your screen and tell us about your guilty pleasures. If any good ones come up, I might do a post on the kind of guilty pleasure, or one of you can make a guest post even.

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