Making music matter

This text is the draft for what will be a series of blog posts on the subject of making music matter (in a good way).

A manifesto for writing things that matter without having a clue

It works like this: First, I happen to like and use music in a somewhat masochistic way, ie. very often listening to things I don’t like, to try to understand them. This is why I call it an erotic voyage: like giving someone you hate a chance to explain themselves, in a way loving them for a moment. Second, a recurring theme I obsess about is thinking about why we happen to like (particular kinds of) music. I mean, why?? It somehow has to do with our innermost thoughts, feelings and desires. Then, if we consider music a personal matter, why not make music matter that way, by being personal? No ear is an island! This means, that when I post music, I usually have some thoughts to go with it that doesn’t necessarily involve music itself (whatever that is). Third, there are so many music connoisseurs out there, far cleverer than me, with their gigantic bagages of music history and genre-lingo artistry. This goes for the novelty factor as well: I will be relatively “late” in terms of keeping up with the insane metabolism of the blogosphere, and won’t be able to sucking up all the current hype and posting it (“first!!!!”). This is not my job. So, I will pursue a slightly different take on doing a music blog. Let’s call it wild analysis, with reference to the method of psychoanalysis, meaning something along the lines of thinking and writing spontaneously about music without really knowing what you are doing (e.g. not mastering your music vocabulary, but using it intuitively). It’s an old psychoanalytic idea that the uninhibited patient sometimes has the strange ability of saying completely new and true things without knowing it. I don’t know what characterizes “sludge metal” or “no-fi” really, but this won’t restrain me from talking about it! In a way, I will take seriously the method of young teenagers, with their delusions of know-it-all omnipotence (“I just know I’m right, but I don’t know why!!”), and so just go ahead with my plabberblabber without any anxiety. I will be the joyful incompetent greenhorn, hopefully contributing some fruitful misinterpretations. Lastly, I have great many interests outside music, especially in the socio-philosophical-psycho-political realm, and speculate that this will complement my musings on “why we like (particular kinds of) music???”. Programmatically, this blog will deal with music and the things music deal with (small subjects like love, desire, humanity, existence, partying). This should tell you why I have chosen “Entanglements” as the title. No sound is an island!


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