Man Ooman

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Man Ooman (Man Woman) is a docuentary about dancehall dance culture seen through the gender relations of Jamaica (or the other way around: gender relations through dance culture). I really would like to see this documentary somewhere. Anyone got a clue? It seemed to go on a number of film festivals in 2008, and the idea was to distribute it for free online afterwards, but so far I have not found it. No torrents, no streams.

Rosforth has made a number of other interesting documentaries: e.g. “Good Copy Bad Copy” (on copying and copyright) and “Mr Catra the Faithful” (on the raw kind of baile funk played in the brazilian favelas)


Surrender Saturday, PART 6: Delirium

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The Flaming Lips – Aquarius Sabotage [myspace]

SATURDAY, PART 6: Delirium with a downer.

Speedy psychedelic rock turns into strings in outer space.

Surfacing Saturday, PART 5: Bling Bling

January 16, 2010 § 2 Comments


Gucci Mane – Excuse Me (Memory Tapes Remix)

SATURDAY, PART 5: Bob to the bling. Bobbing your shoulders to the staccato drum loops, bobbing your neck and head to the bass, bobbing whatever maaaaaaan… It doesn’t matter so much where you are, you can bob at home as much as you can bob at a sweaty club. As long as you bob something.

I have no idea who Gucci Mane is. Actually, I have no interest in the Usheresque club-soul he seems to be doing. But that Memory Tapes / Weird Tapes / Memory Cassette-dude is cherning out some delicious remixes, making this stuff very edible for me. Thank you Memory Tapes / Weird Tapes / Memory Cassette.

Surviving Saturday, PART 4: Desire

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SATURDAY, PART 4: Sunlights down.

Desire – Don’t Call

This track does many of the things I want from a typical saturday, at this time of the day: a soft milky introduction to a new state of being (the hypnotic drums sound like you they are transporting or moving you to a new place), the darkening and narrowing of our senses, not quite for the dancefloor, but for the kind of subtle dancing you do sitting (bobbing your body gently), and the mysterious atmosphere of the entire track anticipates something to come.

Worth mentioning: Desire have some good associations. They were discovered by Glass Candy. Toured with Chromatics. Signed on superb label Italians Do It Better.

Surviving Saturday, PART 3: Silence

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SATURDAY, PART 3: Silence. Simply don’t play music or make sounds. Only the accidental musique concréte of you and your environment.


A sensory detox: Getting rid of your sensory and affective toxins, fleeing time-directed apathy and longing, struggling with auditory absence by corporeal abstinence, but preparing your awareness.

Surviving Saturday, PART 2: Indulge in longing

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Laleh – Lär mig om [myspace]

SATURDAY, PART 2: Indulgence in longing. Repeating the mood and behavior of last part, now in a slighty more intense state of vulnerability. For the scandinavians: the lyrics are quite good in shaping the mood we took up in the last part, although now in a bit wider general sense.

Föddes på gator och torg
Noga med nycklar och jargong
Skogen från något nära håll
har jag väl sett,
nån enstaka gång.

Längtar jag längtar på tå
längtar till allting som är gott
havet den vill jag se nångång
från nära håll

Ibland så blundar man hårt
kanske man bett om något gott
jag vet då inte hur man ber
men var det en bön så
bad jag för oss

Längtar till allt.

Ta mig från allt hitte-på
längtar till allting som består
från trädena stammar upp till topp
lär mig om
lär mig om…

Ta mig från allt hitte-på
längtar till allting som består
från trädena stammar upp till topp
lär mig om
lär mig om…


Surviving Saturday, PART 1: Post-happiness apathy

January 16, 2010 § 4 Comments


So, how the fuck will we survive this saturday, with our likely pathetic hangovers and sleep deprevation. My advice is to read this rapid series of posts as the day goes by. The concept is this: I guide your day in audio, shape your mood, and dictate your behavior through sounds and their mattering. Do you understand the general concept? I hope it will do something interesting to you, and not just fiddle with your iTunes playlist, but in some way transform the actual matter of your day. If it does, I would like to do it again some other day, okay? So have a great saturday you fuckers. Here it begins:

Meursault — Red Candle Bulb [myspace]

SATURDAY, PART 1: Scottish singer-songwriter folk for your post-happiness-apathies.

Hungover. Euggghhing your way out of warm bed sheets, looking out the window with gentle self-pity, feeling a bit melancholy, feeling a bit thankful for feeling in it in an ambivalent way (for feeling it, for feeling it in that way), while reminiscing sweetness of yesterday: post-sweetness-apathy